Corporate social responsibility

Creating a lasting impression for a community is not just about delivering an impressive building – it is about working to improve the lives of those who will continue to live and work in the area.

Recognising the needs of the community is a core value for Chase Group. As an inclusive and equal-opportunity employer, we look to represent the community within our organisation. We believe it is essential to use our shared experience to deliver better outcomes for everyone.


Chase Group is dedicated to delivering projects with an impact well into the future. This means that we are committed to the best environmental outcomes possible to leave the world a better place. The building and construction industry is constantly evolving, and projects of high quality and complex design require efficiencies across every aspect – from design to delivery.

Chase Construction is Certified ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard. This ensures that Chase Group not only meets the environmental requirements as stated by law, but manages its own set of principles and leads the industry by example.


As part of our commitment to social responsibility Chase Group sponsors community fundraising and awareness activities.

We believe that supporting community organisations not only strengthens their ability to service those who need it most, but reinforces our commitment to strive for the very best we can be – both as a company and as people who live in the community.

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Ricky Stuart Foundation The Ricky Stuart Foundation was setup in December 2011 to directly support the after-care for autistic people and help families who struggle daily with autism. Chase Group has supported The Ricky Stuart Foundation since 2011.

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The National Association of Women in Construction Chase Group believes that harnessing the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce makes us stronger, smarter and more productive. As an important part of this core value, we are committed to increasing female participation in our industry by supporting the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).


At Chase Group, health and safety comes first – well ahead of time or money. We build safety into everything we do. It is not just about protecting ourselves on site, it is about building a culture where we look after colleagues, contractors and, ultimately, our clients.

All Chase Group companies have adopted an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that has full legislative and regulatory recognition for on-site use. Chase Group believe safety is not simply a matter of compliance, it is imbedded in our culture. We provide our staff free access to wellbeing and mental health support. Being a healthy and safe company makes us stronger across every project.

Chase Construction has Certification to AS4801:2001 OH&S Management Systems as well as certification with the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner allowing the business to complete federally funded work.