About Us

Chase Group is a diversified property company with expertise in development, design and construction that operates in the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. Since 2003 Chase Group has grown to have expertise in high- and low-density residential projects, retail and commercial. We have a proven track record with projects of any size to deliver successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

As the company has grown, our philosophy remains the same: to work with our clients to deliver quality and value that underpin their investment. This philosophy is extended to all our stakeholders including sub-contractors, designers and suppliers. As a result, Chase Group has a successful record of creating lasting partnerships with all the key stakeholders through our projects.

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Our vision is really quite simple: be the best we can be in all that we do.

Whether it be in design, construction, management, leadership, community and consultation, the way we manage our people, the quality of our finished product, or how we interact with our clients and stakeholders, we strive to be the best we can be.

We also work towards continuous improvement in our projects and in our people. To realise the potential of our talented team it is critical that we learn from every possible opportunity, and that this experience is shared across our companies.

This philosophy means that everything we do must have a positive impact. Quality is at the heart of our company and is expressed through our people, our performance and our projects.


Quality is not an act, but a habit.

It is carried out behind the scenes, when no one is looking. It doesn’t wait for praise or recognition. It just does what it needed. Again, and again. It’s the small details that make all the difference. Those that others don’t see. It’s about perspective. It’s about focus. It’s an endless journey. At Chase Group, quality is at the core of all that we do. We believe that nothing is ever perfect, because it can always be improved, developed and refined.


There is more to construction than delivering a finished building. Chase Group takes a community-based approach to ensure the projects we deliver are based on our core values.


Conducting business with integrity is built into the very foundation of Chase Group. We are committed to ethics in all areas of our business and doing the right thing for our communities and each other.


Chase Group believes that to deliver quality for clients we must bring out the best in everyone involved on a project and connect with integrity and respect.


Balance is the key ingredient that ensures our people remain focused. At Chase Group we understand our people need balance in their personal and work life to work at their peak outputs.


Chase Group knows how important it is to look after one another and to build communities. We are a company committed to diversity that reflects the community within which we operate and where everyone is welcome.


Chase Group believes in leadership through example and holding ourselves accountable for results. Our team is committed to the values of Chase Group and seeks to display them in every project and action we undertake.